The International Society for the Study of Gender and Love convenes a conference or symposium every two years.

Our next conference on Situated Knowledges of Gender and Love is in September 2019 in South Africa.

We create events in which we can all speak from a shared experience of what it implies to produce original research/work, so we invite participation from scholars and from postgraduates (post/graduates should have completed Masters level and/or be engaged in doctoral research).

Some of the participants in the fifth global conference on Gender & Love, as part of the InterDisciplinary.Net project, in our Hogwarts days at Mansfield College, Oxford, 2015.

Ours are immersive and multidisciplinary events, so you must also be willing to commit to full participation in every day of the conference and to contribute constructive comments and questions to encourage, improve, and promote further development of insights for presenters and other participants.

Professor Stevi Jackson presenting her 2017 paper ‘Love in different climates: love, care and practices of intimacy among Hong Kong and British women’

Read about our 2017 symposium.

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